Apr 11, 2018

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pods compatible with nespresso

Popular Pods Compatible With Nespresso Machines

If you have a Nespresso machine, then you’ve probably already enjoyed a wide sampling of the official Nespresso pods, but did you know that there are numerous alternatives out there and you could save $100 a year or more, depending on how much coffee you drink, by switching to some of the popular pods compatible with Nespresso machines, instead of sticking to the more expensive branded pods.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular pods compatible with Nespresso devices – these are pods that have received great feedback and reviews from taste-testing, and that make delicious coffees.

Artisan Coffee Pods

Artisan coffee pods promise that they will give you a more classical, rich coffee experience. They usually feature a stronger roast, and have a more intense flavour. Some popular Artisan brands include Caffe Brai, CRU, Pellini, Caffe Karoma, and CAffee Liegeois.

Supermarket and Mainstream Brands

If you’re not after a rich, dark roast and just want a nice coffe well made, then you should look at the pods from Starbucks, Cafe Royal, Carte Noire, and even the supermarket’s own brand pods. These are still fresh coffee – so far better than instant – but some lack the body that you might get from a coffee specialist.

Even if you have a Nespresso Pod that you consider to be a firm favorite, it’s well worth branching out, because who knows what alternatives you might find.

pods compatible with nespresso

Using Compatible Capsules

Some people are nervous about buying and using compatible capsules, but it’s worth doing. You have to buy a large number of capsules at once if you are buying Nespresso brand online, and you might not want the expense, or the delivery fee. It’s more convenient, for some people, to pick up pods in a store and just buy a small box a week, or however many they use.

Some people have a little trouble with the off-brand capsules. Some pods do say that they work best with specific types of machine – if you have a built in machine or a professional Nespresso then it might be harder to find pods that fit. Even if the pods should fit you should line them up carefully because they are often shaped slightly differently to standard models and that can pose its own problems.

When the machine is set up right with the pod correctly inserted, the machine should close with some firm, but careful, pressure. Don’t try to force it – just push firmly and it should close.

When you’ve made the drink, remove the used pod. Some people forget to do this and then end up wondering why their machine won’t accept new pods.

Nespresso Machines Make Long Drinks Too

If you want a long coffee (meaning a coffee that is made by brewing more water), rather than an Americano (where you make an espresso and add water), then you should look for a Lungo capsule – these are capsules that are specifically designed for long brewings, and contain a different blend of coffee that suits that better than espresso.