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Willamette Falls

Willamette FallsThe Willamette Falls area must be seen by all new tourists. The Willamette Valley was a prime location for new settlers over time. Many traveled the Oregon trail to enjoy that option and settle their families in the area. Farming options and trading became a new way of life for them. The Willamette Falls venue could be memorable for a lot of new people as well. The natural waterfall can be found around the Oregon City vicinity.

Be sure to stay in and around Salem during the trip. Many great hotels pride themselves on what can be seen locally. The Willamette Falls region is growing fast in terms of population and influence. The capital of Oregon can be found in Salem as well. The local restaurants and hotels are fun to experience for all the new tourists. Great photo opportunities can be enjoyed at the Willamette Falls area for people.

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Willamette Falls, West Linn, OR 97045